The Storage before distribution to our clients is cool, dark, hygienic and well designed to cater for turn around thus limiting the storage time of water and maintaining a fresh supply at all times. Our average storage time generally does not exceed 5 days.


Our distribution staff are trained and checked constantly with regard to hygiene, and together we ensure that the transportation and handling of goods is carried out as such.  The goods areas of the motor vehicles are closed, cool, dark and hygienic. With the suitable variety of transport and handling equipment, we are able to deliver to the smallest or largest client with efficiency and least disturbance. Generally each client is serviced by replenishing a stock of water bottles every two weeks and simultaneously the empties are collected.


New dispensers are delivered in their sealed and safe packaging and are unwrapped on site and placed in the decided location, equipped and tested by our staff.


Each time replacement water bottles are delivered to the client the dispenser is checked and cleaned. Koolatron will maintain the dispenser in good working order, covering parts worn through normal wear and tear.


All Koolatrom water dispensers are sanitised every three to four months, depending on volume of water consumed, ensuring a safe and hygienic product.

A formulised “SABS” approved cleaning chemical for the food industry is used.  This contains an organic stabilized chlorine and detergents which ensure bacteria, algae, moulds and certain viruses are eradicated and removed if present.

The spindle and cover are removed from the dispenser and cleaned, checking air filter, air cavities and water cavities are all in order, these are then replaced.

The dispenser is drained then refilled with the chemical formula mixed with water and allowed to stand for a few minutes.  This is repeated twice and then the dispenser is drained and rinsed making sure there is no after taste. The sanitation of the machines exterior is done more regularly during our frequent calls when delivering water.


Should our clients find themselves with additional needs to the normal plan, we are always here to assist.

*Please request  a comprehensive water file. For your convenience we have highlighted the most important points for ease and quick reading.*