Natural Mineral Water 250 ml, 330 ml, 500 ml, 1 litre, 18,9 Litre, 22 Litre

Bottled Mineral Water at Source, SABS Approved
22L Mineral Water

Our Mineral Water is bottled at source. This water is a natural mineral water running deep below in the Magaliesburg Mountain Range near you. This enables Koolatron to produces quality mineral water at low cost, delivered to your door.

Our Mineral Water  is regularly tested for purity and quality according SABS standards. This means that ,as at source, and thereafter, up to and including the point of sale, Spring Valley water is at it finest quality.

 All microbiological tests are outsourced to accredited bottle 330 ml / 500 mland independent Microbiological laboratories who test for Microbial Activities. In-house quality checks and tests are carried out at regular frequencies during the process to immediately detect and eliminate nonconforming product.


Koolatron – Mineral water STORAGE

The Storage of  before distribution to our clients is cool, dark, hygienic and well designed to cater for turn around thus limiting the storage time of water and maintaining a fresh supply at all times. Our average storage time generally does not exceed 5 days.

Koolatron – Mineral water DISTRIBUTION

Our distribution staff are trained and checked constantly with regard to hygiene, and together we ensure that the transportation and handling of goods is carried out as such.  The goods areas of the motor vehicles are closed, cool, dark and hygienic. With the suitable variety of transport and handling equipment, we are able to deliver to the smallest or largest client with efficiency and least disturbance. Generally each client is serviced by replenishing a stock of water bottles every two weeks and simultaneously the empties are collected.

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