Please note the advantages we have compared to others:

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  1. Koolatron supplies an Accredited Natural Mineral Water

Bottled at source, SABS approved.

  • – (Not a purified tap water like most others)
  • Natural Mineral water / No chemicals / Healthy composition
  • Reputedly the best for ones health
  • See George Mateland foundation / Magnesium web / Bottled water ratings / Martin Fox PHD, Healthy water
  1. Food & drug approved Poly Carbonate Bottles – Not PET Bottles 

Koolatron use food and drug approved poly Carbonate bottles produced for withstanding such application.

Some others use PET bottles that contains a potentially carcinogenic element and not as robust for such application

  1. Non Spill Safety Caps
  1. These caps have a safety top seal
  2. An Inner plug that is only opened by the spindle on the cooler.
  1. Hygienic Water Coolers
  1. Pollution Free – Non CFC, Low Energy, Quick Refrigerating and low noise
  2. Hygienic Stainless steel tanks.
  3. Air filters for added safety
  4. Coolers are sanitized every 3-4 months with a SABS approved product for the food industry.  The cooler is drained, spindle removed, cold water tank & spindle cleaned, spindle replaced and the full water trail is flushed with the sanitizing mix and then fully rinsed.
  5. The staff wears sanitary gloves and uses a sanitized cloth during such cleaning.
  1. Safe & Economic Transportation

Water is transported out of the sun unlike most others. (This ensures no negative effect to bottles and water)

We do not subcontract our deliveries like others so that we can check on coolers & requirements each time with our trained staff.

  1. Minimum storage Time & Delivery

Our average storage time generally does not exceed 2 days ensuring a fresh product as possible.

Our deliveries are scheduled weekly or every two weeks enabling us to check on coolers frequently with our trained staff.




 Should our clients find themselves with additional needs to the normal plan, we are always here to assist.

*Please request  a comprehensive water file. PS.  please send us ur physical address. For your convenience we have highlighted the most important points for ease and quick reading.*